1 min readNov 21, 2020


Jovis Aloor

the word wants to be written

I sit in this place of receiving

a place of my own


my own


my own


my own


of divine presence

breathing as if every inhale says love

and every exhale says yes

mirrored reflection

a response of me

eyes meet mine

an exchange of I


although each one is new


a special locking of spirit

like I have been waiting for this moment of recognition

to see just who sits on the other side of the mirror

on the other side of me

are these even my words?

asking that question implies a separation

between me

& my spirit

the one that I call home

the one that calls me home

over & over again

with the certain assurance

that I will look up to see

that it is I, the me I have

the me I want

the me I am

the I, I see

the seeing is believing

and the believing is faithfully