Desire II

2 min readJan 14, 2024


The desire to be the only.

The one and only.

Is it because the ego dreams just as hard as we do?

Do our dreams come from the ego?

Being number one is quite a conundrum.

And does that mean you yourself become number two?

Some say love is giving yourself fully to another.

Some want to “fall in love”, be consumed and “settle down” into comfort.

Security of the senses, fears, worries, burdens and wounding.

As some energize the reality of being tied to another, the dynamic of power bubbles up as they sign off on being chewed up.

The bones break, the flesh melts and they are transformed into something else.

Is this why couples start looking like one another?

Is there an invisible subconscious contract? Like an offering?

As some denounce the council of individuality, do others sign themselves away for a chained existence?

In this paradigm, devotion is synonymous to deviation from thy self.

How did love get wrapped up in attachment?

And how do we tap into a love that is unattached?

Unbothered and uninhibited.

The frozen aspects of our subconscious lay dormant until we take a pick and shatter the ice.

Thinking about relationships and how they’ve been projected onto us…

How the constructs determine the contents — context is the true moving piece.

As it stands, we are in cyclical patterns of our own making.

How powerful we are; in our creation — in our destruction.

We tether ourselves to the external with such gusto and such determination before truly tethering to our authenticity.

We are programmed to seek and desire.

The purity of the phenomenon itself is simple; the complications are self-inflicted.

Most of us dance around our deepest desires without taking them as true partners.

We flirt and smile — with hesitation.

There is a foundation of fear we have to examine, excavate and evaporate before ever truly burning a healthy fire.

The kind of fire that drives, pulls and pushes you through the birth canal of possibility.

And what is this utterly desperate longing to be somebody’s one and only?

Could it be that we are using the external mirror of another as a decoy to decentralize ourselves?

Because right here, right now, in this very moment — everything is perfect.

There is no more, no less and nothing exceptional. There is just right now.

You are your one and only, everything else just dissipates.

Because, always remember that you are the only one here.

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.