1 min readNov 21, 2020


feelings come as much as they want

when we choose the path of haunt

of looking straight through the muck

never relying, never luck

right down to the flesh and bone

a burial ground

of rot and stones

the everlasting decay of lone


that never opened, even once

in truest manner devoid of trust

I bet my cards and chips a lot

the acting of the meaningless plot

the story told

in lies so bold

dressed in fancy buttons

the carrier, the way to go

a badge now sewn to skin

the look at me, how sad I am

the one they feel so bad for

that’s all it is, a pity prayer

a darkness that’s immersive

a mission of self

and only that

no love was found for free

the fog and thunder

grounded under

all the plated gold

the pretended plaster

the con, a master

stays so sly and cunning

a skill that’s sharpened

years have hardened

the soul and heart

emptied upon, the selfish art

a self crusader

evading danger

as long as ego stays in tact

unthinkable, the unreachable act

the stagnant stench, in the air

the terror of the nightmare

I promise

you will stay the same

playing the untamable game