Desire IV

1 min readFeb 7, 2024


The desire to be sensational.

When we think sensational — it’s not so much as a thought, but an overall feeling.

The feeling of being exciting, important and relevant.

Along with layers of brilliant magnetism that reach far and wide — high and low.

Depth in the superior quality of perception.

Where there is sensation, there is projection.

The projected stories built on belief systems so densely packed and held hostage by their own matrix.

The container becomes contained.

When we let the truth seep in, we realize that whether something is sensational is only so, depending on its surroundings.

A sponge, absorbing everything and then reflecting it back — with a twist.

There is a symbiotic dynamic that courses through the veins of this being.

And it could turn parasitic when it is clear that there is codependency at the root.

A brilliant conundrum.

It’s all (always) relative.

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You want more? There’s infinite more…

…but the trick of this trade is to know when to stop.

The flow is what dictates the page.

As the natural cadence demands to be heard.

And just the same, it makes it known when our time is up.