Desire I

1 min readJan 9, 2024

Let’s start with a question.

What is desire? And how does it drive us so masterfully?

The human ache of wanting takes its toll.

And often you are left feeling like a casualty.

Even when you get what you want, there are shards and shreds of attachment that scatter themselves in the battlefield.

Reminders in the graveyard of yearning.

I had a Russian professor in college who broke down the word satisfaction.

The state of ‘satis’ is the wanting.

And we never truly reach the ‘faction’.

Because if we did, we would have no reason to live.

Desire is something you do and it’s something you have. Or at least that’s how it’s been phrased in our lexicon of communication.

How do we orient ourselves with the phenomenon of desire?

Even monks desire, though they may robe and swaddle to soften the blow.

They want mastery over their relationship to desire.

Do we ever really master anything? Or is being human, surrendering to the pure concept that we will forever be in satis?