Ilya lix@ilya90

and how often do you ask yourself that very question?

the one that makes your throat close up

the one with so much weight

how much did you

break apart

from all that ever was?

until there is nothing left

but pieces of your newness

waiting to meet the old

the merging comes as quickly as

the divide that sunk the ship

your waters destined to forsake

all that didn’t fit

the turbulent, the meaningful, the vastness, the abyss

the ever present push and pull

till then, no promises

in words and notes and paint and boats

to farther reaching coves

the journey for the taking

the golden treasure troves



DDP // unsplash

let’s say it wasn’t the way you thought-

rollercoasters are more balanced

the pendulum

is not separate from you

mirror mirror on the wall

and the everlasting unification

of the very one

you call yourself

merging is peace

and velocity is a choice

the wind

does not determine your gravitas

the direction

is exactly

as far as you decide

a dance of devotion

like the swing on a playground

gust of spirit-

fire of emotion-

we accelerate,

to our ultimate embrace.



Max Muselmann // unsplash

how much of this is a masquerade?

how much of this is a tell tale heart?

does winning really mean that much?

is it so special that walls will crumble?

the watchman stays in the same spot

the passing becomes him and the time a constant

the sidelines stay warm…